Born and raised in Ottawa Canada, Joe Guy Allard moved to Western New York in his mid-twenties to start a new life with his (expecting) girlfriend and has made it his home ever since.
Building on his background in graphic arts, Joe Guy picked up a brush and began painting by—poorly—imitating his biggest influences from the pages of art magazines. Over a decade later, he now uses his own signature approach and color palette to create pieces which have been displayed in businesses, galleries and homes in both U.S. & Canada.
Inspired by his memories of Saturday-morning cartoons and his life-long love of terrible horror movies, he creates artwork that is at once grim, awkward and curiously adorable. The artist’s use of bright colors and bold lines with an often ominous narrative is a conscious attempt to blend the line between the fantastic and the horrific.
Joe Guy lives in Lockport, NY with his wife, two daughters, two dogs and two cats.
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